Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I marveled at the hills until I saw the mountains.

I have quite a lot of catching up to do. It's been weeks since I last posted. Since then I've traveled through many more cities of Germany, spent five amazing days in Switzerland, and had a whirlwind of a trip in Italy for three days. In addition to that little adventure that I spent with my roommate from FSU, Lindsey, I've successfully made my move to Holland. I've been here for five days now and it's been like living in a dream.

First let me say a few things about the trip to Switzerland and Italy. It was by-far the most amazing trip I've been on yet. It was beautiful, liberating, and brilliantly soul-restoring. I was hit between the eyes with God's love once again, pierced by His beauty, and was gently reminded of his goodness. It's impossible to look on the landscapes that we saw and still think that He is an angry God. I sat on a grassy hill one night and watched the sun set on the Swiss alps that postured themselves before me and wept. I wept because God spoke to me so clearly by what I was seeing, by what he had promised me before I left, and by His Spirit speaking so incredibly clear. I am always floored when I hear His voice and it is unmistakable. These are the moments when every struggle in my walk, every dry season, every frustration and question become so insignificant. That's when I remember completely why I gave myself to Him in the first place and why it was the best decision and will forever be the best decision of my life. You could say that this experience and the weeks leading up to it was a downpour after a season of drought. So in light of that fact, my appreciation for His speaking was even greater.

Before I even left for Europe (and I believe I mentioned this in a previous blog) God gave me Psalm 23. Well...every line and that chapter has been, in some way or another, manifested to me through events or experiences; incredibly blatantly some times. It was after I had spent one evening laying in a green grassy pasture, and while I was sitting beside the most beautiful and peaceful, clear-blue lake I've ever seen that God reminded me of the verses in that chapter. ok...i'm realizing that I could spend an entire blog on just that verse and how God presented it to me so I will skip ahead and come back to that next time.

SO. Got completely floored by the amazingness of God all over again, had a fun and chaotic time in Italy (getting lost, meeting interesting people, jumping from rocks into the clear mediterranean sea) and had a peaceful and relaxing time under the hospitatlity of my brother's future in-laws in Germany.

Now I'm in Holland, have had three days of classes, and feel like first day of 9th grade all over again. I am meeting some cool people though and the Lord has already brought me to some people who are believers. I am enjoying it and really soaking it in. My cup is truly overflowing.

I hope to have time to share more detailed accounts of my experiences here. Right now I have to get ready for a social event with one of the campus ministries here. Until then.