Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Countdown: 2 days left in Tally, 7 left in the States

"My room is empty, my bags are packed. I'm a goings away from coming back."

I'm almost completely finished packing up my room. It's a strange feeling to be leaving Amelia Circle. It's been my home away from Sopchoppy for the last three years and I've enjoyed it so much. This past year everyone clicked so well. It was such a great experience living with those five awesome ladies. But the timing is funny because I'm moving out as Brenna is moving in. Isn't that life?

As for my belongings, I'm selling almost everything that I'm not taking, minus my furniture which will be staying in the Tally house. The rest is getting stuffed into my two suitcases and my hiking pack. It's pretty crazy when you can put almost everything you own in a few bags. It's also somewhat liberating knowing that I'm not really tied down to much. However...you could say I'm weighed down. My bags don't exceed the weight limits, but they're not far from it!

I guess it would be good to give a little background and description of this adventure. I'm 22 and a student at Florida State University. I'm studying International Affairs and my final semester will be spent at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands as an Exchange Student. I leave on August 4th and I'm not exactly sure when I'll be returning to the States. I bought a one-way ticket to Europe. HA! Cross that off on my "bucket list." I will be backpacking in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy with my roommate, Lindsey Vinson, for two weeks in August. I'll then be at school by about the 28th of August to study from September to December or January. (I'm not sure because they still haven't sent me a schedule of my classes so it could be until the end of January.)

After my studies, I'll be finished with my undergraduate degree and will most likely be staying in Germany until my brother's wedding in April. Then it's home to meet the real world I suppose. Yikes!!

Hopefully, if you're following this blog, you can get a glimpse into what these months will be like for me. I really have no idea what to expect, but my eyes are open and I'm ready for some challenges and new experiences. Whatever comes, I have confidence and hope in the Lord; that his Spirit hedges me in before and behind and that He goes before me. My prayer concerning my time in Holland is that He will guide me to the right fellowship of believers. You can pray that too if you want:)

OH! One last thing. In June my father and I worked our BUTTS off to put together a CD. "The Beauty of Life." The first shipment came in today and they look and sound great! They're also available on iTunes. This project is a big part of what's supporting me financially as I study abroad so check it out and if you like what you hear, buy it! : )

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