Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Countdown: Tomorrow's it.

Tonight was the farewell service at my church. It was really great. The whole church came together to "send off" my brother and I. My dad anointed me and my brother with oil and blessed us and prayed over us. It was incredibly powerful. The first time my father has ever done something like that. It was amazing. My mother then read the scripture that she's been praying for me for years and it was perfect for the timing and situation of me leaving. It's amazing how timeless God is. Mr. Pete and Mrs. Mel also gave us words as well as Mrs. Debbie (all amazing people from my church). I just felt so encouraged and loved and really just saw that people cared about me. That alone can uplift a heart. There really is nothing like community and fellowship and it definitely makes me thankful for the people and leadership there. If you don't know, my church is a home church consisting of about 35-40 people who really just want the heart of God and love his precepts. We may be small but we do have a website!

Anyway, the night was wonderful. I really will be taking to heart all the words spoken to me tonight. Some were uplifting, some really sobering, but all bore witness with my spirit and THAT is awesome.

Another cool thing that happened was that the wakulla newspaper came out with the front page being dominated by my picture. Ha!! So crazy! The article is online too at . Also, I saw the CDs and they're really cool: ) I attached a photo of the cover artwork that Savannah did.

I was able to spend some good time with Brenna (my cousin) today too. I really will miss her so much. She's incredible. We had a chance to talk a little about our friendship. I was telling her how I don't think anyone 'gets' me as well as she does. We've truly been through the majority of life as we've known it together up until this point. It's a rare thing to have someone like that who not only knows you, but who knows you and genuinely likes you. AND understands you. I really treasure that in her and treasure HER. If you don't know Brenna I truly feel bad for you because you're missing out.

FINALLY. I got bangs. heheheh. Despite what everyone else thought, I decided to go for it. And I like them: )

Goodnight, goodbye. Farewell Tallahassee.

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