Thursday, August 6, 2009

Actually JULY 30th. "Goodbye Home"

July 30, 2009

Today happened really fast. Everything about today. It’s arrival was fast. It’s duration was just a blur. And it’s close came in an instant. Although I shouldn’t say it’s completely over. As I write, we’re making our way to the mountains. My ears are popping in adjustment to the altitude changes. Despite the discomfort, they’re quite entertained as the dynamic sounds of my dad’s favorite group, YES, streams through the speakers. Change is a very real word to me right now. It feels like everything is changing. Ironically, the song playing is titled “Changes” Very appropriate.

Today I said goodbye to some very dear people. I really don’t know how else to describe them. I should use phrases like, “my favorites”, “those I love the most”, “those who I’m most thankful for”, “the most influential people in my life.” But I’ll just stick with “dear people.” Besides, after that little rant I think you get the picture.

A small crowd of women saw me off today. I was glad to get another chance to really say goodbye. Last night was good, but it was also too much. Too many people to say goodbye to for it to be real to me. It was a little too ceremonial to feel like a goodbye. However, I don’t think “goodbye” was the intention but rather send us off with their blessing and good wishes. So the small crowd of women consisted of my grandmother, my two aunts, and the four most wonderful married girls I know. Jess, Sarah, Savannah and Sarah Kate all came at once to say bye. The inevitable happened. I cried. Not too bad. I cried more in the car after saying goodbye to Brenna. That was difficult because, as I mentioned yesterday, she and I have a bond that I have with no one else. We’ve done school together since first grade and now that’s over. Also it was difficult because I don’t know what she’ll be doing or where she’ll be when I get back. She may already be moving away. The married girls are settled. It’s a guarantee that they’ll be here when I get back. Not so with Brenna.

I know you may think I’m being dramatic with these long, teary goodbyes. You may say, “It’s only 8 months. Get a grip.” If you are saying this, then maybe you’re right. But you have to understand that I’m from Sopchoppy. And that I am a girl. And both of these factors, especially put together, are perfect explanations of my sappiness. I guess for the sake of the rest of my fellow femaies I shouldn’t neglect the fact that I can be exceptionally nostalgic and sentimental when it comes to leaving loved ones.

Regardless, I said my goodbyes, and my journey has begun. The first leg is this little family road trip ending at my Aunt’s mountain cabin in North Georgia. We’ll be there for the weekend, then it’s to Atlanta to see my dad’s brother and his family, then Tuesday they’re dropping me off at the airport. I’ll be in Germany on Wednesday morning. A long trip, but so good already.

We’ve just spent this whole time talking and reminiscing and enjoying each other. (And of course the traditional stop at Striplings as you can see in the pictures. not posted yet but will be when i can buy a new camera chord!!) I’ll definitely be soaking up these moments with my sweet parents.

Until tomorrow.

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